Three ring circus her family is

Six different directions their paths take each day

Passing like ships in the night her husband and she


Mom on the tightrope holding everything in balance

Nursemaid, short order cook, tutor, confidant

Only as happy as her unhappiest child

They hurt she hurts.


How long till the tightrope snaps

sending everything tumbling down 

Mom needs to regroup and try again

But how?


Turning to God, her safety net, she prays

for a small miracle

God can take her worries

She just has to let go and let him catch her


It sounds so easy

She has taken on everything herself for so long.

How can she do it?  Prayer is the answer

“Why worry when you can pray?”


Down on her knees she asks for help

Nothing elaborate, just for some peace and balance

She feels as if someone has laid a shawl on her shoulders

Warmth and peace come over her.


Once again she is reminded    

God is the great healer.


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