Seeing Roots, Armageddon and Mt Everest

Before I get to the above mentioned title, I want to say WOW and THANK YOU.  I am humbled and grateful beyond words.  I hoped I would be able to touch a few lives along the way, but I had no idea the response I would get in one day.  I said I wanted to find a word beside “sufferer”.  Right now I am going to call us all FRIENDS.  Whether you suffer seasonally, continually, love someone who does or are just following along, you are now my friend.  I have never been “friended” by so many people on FB in one day.  Thank you.

OK.  My dad had emphysema, COPD, etc.  He dealt with it for a long time.  He was in and out of St Vincent’s continually.  My uncle called him Lazarus because we would put him in the hospital and think he would not survive the night and a week later he was on the golf course with his dog fight!!  I would ask him how he was and he would reply “Well, I didn’t see roots today, so I guess I am alright”.  I woke up late today, but I didn’t see roots.  I am alive to tell you I survived Armageddon at my house this morning while we were getting ready for school.

I like to get up about an hour before everyone else does.  It gives me a chance to get a cup of coffee, read my Bible/devotional or just read.  Some “me” time before they get up because even after they go to school, my “me” time is gone.  I have to climb Mt Everest the rest of the morning.  “Friends” are told to stick to a schedule. Let me be the first to tell you, I do not always do that.  Probably less than more:).  This is where Mt Everest comes in.  I need to make my bed so I won’t be tempted to crawl back into it.  I have to clean my kitchen again because my children had to eat a “balanced”  breakfast.  Sidebar:  When my children were younger, I was a stickler for sitting down to dinner together.  With the way children’s activities are these days, that is impossible. So, I compromised, I TRY to make a decent breakfast in the mornings: waffles and pancakes made with bisquick.  Not exactly from scratch, but better than Eggos that get freezer burn five minutes after I bring them home from the grocery store!  We sit together in the den and chat and watch ESPN.  John, aka “Golden Child”, decides what we get to watch.  It works for us.  We are an athletic family.  We love most sports.  We bond.  Not the Cleavers by any means, but I take what I can get.

Somewhere I digressed.  Back to Mt Everest:  My kitchen is a wreck and it is 12:18 in the afternoon.  I have 5 loads of laundry to fold as well.  I plan on turning on reruns of Modern Family and fold.  That show cracks me up.  I know some don’t approve but it makes me laugh and again I will take what I can get.  Oh and I had to exercise this morning to get those natural endorphins going.  It really does work.

Now it is the middle of the day.  I need to take a shower.  I can take it now, put on a clean pair of yoga pants or I can take one before bed and put on my pajamas…anyone want to bet on what I do?  My daughter wrote a story about me which I plan to publish in the future.  She compared me to her friends’ diva parents who dress to the nines on a daily basis.  Let’s just say Walmart has a wonderful Danskin brand of yoga pants:)

I hope your day started off well.  I hope you got through Armageddon and at least a quarter of the way up Mt Everest.  Easier said than done, but just take it one step at a time:)kids alive

3 to fold. One on refresh, one in the wash and one waiting to go in.  It is now 12:40
3 to fold. One on refresh, one in the wash and one waiting to go in. It is now 12:40


This is me daily:)
This is me daily:)

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