ImageMy grandfather, John Golightly, aka, Pappy lived on ONO Island before it was cool.  The story goes that he and two other men bought a third of ONO for three thousand dollars.  They divided that up and Pappy got the East end of the Island.  When he retired, he built a boat, bought a barge and brought a bunch of concrete from his concrete plant and built his retirement home.  He hired five men and my older brother to build the house.  He built a water tower and a guest house.  The house was literally made entirely of concrete block.  He had a master bed, bath, living room and kitchen on one end, a huge screen porch in the middle and then two bedrooms with an adjoining bath in the main house.  He had a huge propane tank that supplied gas to all appliances.  He also built a dock.  You have to remember at this time no bridge existed on ONO.  Pappy would have to come pick us up by boat at the marina.

Eventually, developers began to catch onto to the allure of ONO. They built a bridge and began building houses sporadically over the island.  Pappy’s mailbox was at the other end of ONO where the bridge was…five miles.  He rode his bike every day to pick up his mail.  He and his five german shepherds.  That worked fine until they got in his way and he wrecked.  He then had to drive his Pinto, yes Pinto to get it.

My older siblings spent Spring Break down there.  Needless to say the boys followed my sisters everywhere, even to the island.  Pappy didn’t have a driveway, it was just sand.  The boys always got stuck.  Pappy was old school. “GD” was a mainstay in his vocabulary.  That was his favorite word when the boys got stuck.  The sign above reminded me of him and ONO.  He had signs that said “No Outlet” “Turn Back”.  The one above would have been fitting for the grumpy old hermit:)

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