Medications and Such

This post will probably meander.

First, I have heard from a couple of people since yesterday who I have not seen in at least 15 probably 20 years.  Pretty cool.  One had depression and says she battles it instead of suffers from it.  We will use the word battle from now on:)

My other friend could relate to the man/woman in the head thing but she related it all to Star Trek.  I couldn’t do it justice.  I have always thought she was one of the funniest people I have ever known.  She also used to scare me a bit in high school.  Funny the things you remember?  She was not a mean person.  I just thought she was pretty cool and wouldn’t want to hang out with me: depressed brain talking.

OK, onto medications for depression, etc.  I say etc. because in 2005 I was also diagnosed with Bipolar II with depressive manifestations or something.  Look it up in that diagnostic manual.  Just don’t read WebMD.  I know you do, don’t you?  I used to as well.  I diagnosed myself with three different kinds of cancer!!

Once again, I digress.  The number of antidepressants out on the market now is staggering.  This is why you should go to a psychiatrist and not your GP.  These medications have so many side effects and react differently to so many different medications, that you need someone qualified in psychotrophic medicines.  Big word, not sure if I spelled it right.   A major side effect to some of these is suicidal tendencies.  BE CAREFUL!!  BE HONEST with your doctor.  Ask your GP for the name of a reputable Psychiatrist.  Give them all medications you are taking even vitamins and OTC.  I sound like a pamphlet don’t I?

Side effects from these meds are many.  You could have dry mouth, the shakes, dizziness, stomach problems, anxiety, and the worst, weight gain, etc.  Read about the side effects and talk them over with your doctor. You have to find what is right for you.  Also, it takes about two weeks for them to take effect.  The upside?  That little creature in your head might just shut up.

I know I slipped in about the Bipolar deal.  It is not a lot of fun.  Many people are dual diagnosed.  You may be as well.  They kind of figured it out by my telling them my past history and experimenting with some prescribed drugs.  When you think Bipolar, you think Lindsay Lohan or someone.  Unfortunately, I think that may be her problem.  Many artists battle it.  They mask it with booze and drugs.  It is scary.  I am diagnosed with Bipolar II which means I don’t go into hyper manic states where I stay up for days at a time and get in my car and travel across the country.  I am not trying to make light, but you have to find the humor in this stuff.  I have been known to mop the floors at three in the morning.  Getting up at three isn’t he concern, it is that I actually wanted to do something that related to cleaning the house.  I can go into a mixed state where my mind races but I don’t really feel like doing anything at all.  My mind wants to go for a run but my body wants to get back in bed.  Here again, my husband, the saint, has had to put up with some major stuff.  I have hurt him bad through this.  Again, thank him for being my rock.

If you are depressed and Bipolar and they just give you antidepressants: disaster.  Antidepressants cause Bipolar people to be manic.  How about that?  All those years I was on antidepressants and still feeling even crazier than before, it was maddening.  I did a lot of impulsive stupid stuff and I hurt a lot of people.  I am no proud of that.  But when I was diagnosed, I was relieved because I knew they could help me control the symptoms.  At one point I thought I should just be locked up in a padded cell.

Back to meds.  After a while, a long while, they can wear off and you have to try a new one.  You may have to be on one that is not generic yet: EXPENSIVE!!!  Thanks to Obama, it is going to get worse, but I just can’t go there because I will be in a padded room.  I digress again.  It is my rambling mind.  PLEASE take your meds as directed.  Don’t quit because you are feeling better.  You will feel sick as a dog if you quit cold turkey: think major hangover times three.  Sometimes they wear off and you have to try a new one.  Please be HONEST with your doctor.  I cannot say that enough.

I hope you all will have a great day.  I am sure something will pop through my brain later today that I think you MUST know about:).  I am taking my Mait to the back doctor again today to discuss a possible fifth surgery.  She hurts so badly.  We just aren’t sure whether she would be better off if the rods were just gone.  Her spine is straight and, God willing, should stay that way.  We just ask for prayers on whatever decision we make.  This is where I am bad about stopping, praying and listening to God has what to say.  If you have any verses that might be helpful right now, I would love to receive them.

I will keep you posted.

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