Yesterday was a long day for me.  I woke up at 4, tried to go back to bed til 5.  That mind of mine wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. That was not how I wanted to start my day.  Now, add in the wonderful weather we were having.  SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It is real.  I was worried about some things, and I was down.  I was trying to get my house into some sort of order, lost track of time and missed my exercise class….UGH.  I needed the endorphin rush.  A new med I am on makes me gain weight.  I hate it.  I do everything to fight it but to no avail.  The best I can do is exercise and try not to eat the rest of John’s birthday cake.

So, you get the gist of my morning.  Dennis’ day wasn’t going much better and he works out of the house.  You can imagine the atmosphere.  To top it off, Maitland had an appointment scheduled with the back doctor.  We pick her up and head there.  Mait is a light at the end of every tunnel.  She has an incredible sense of humor.  She can be a little ditzy but we all chalk that up to her being blond.  I am not telling you anything we have not told her ourselves.

We knew this appointment was going to be a tough one.  Her back has basically been hurting since 2011 when she had her surgery.  Actually before that, but I ignored her.  Being mother of the year I told her my back would hurt too if I danced 8 hours a week.  Again, I digress.  On the bridge from the parking deck to the hospital, the laughter began.  At children’s parents tote their sick children around in wagons.  We saw the cutest child kicked back in a wagon on his way to his car.  He could not have been more than 2.  We got a kick out of it.  It was downhill from there.

In the waiting room, the three of us are competing on who can find the funniest vine.  Don’t know about vine?  I am a newbie myself but it can be pretty funny.  Granted you have to weed through a lot of junk.  I was trying to look at vines on my phone but the speaker was in the back of the phone and I couldn’t hear it.  I kept turning it up which meant everyone else could hear it.  Maitland kept snatching it from me and turning it down.  Dennis and Mait were laughing at me because I don’t know how to use all the sound gadgets on my phone…the laughter continues.

Now we are in the patient room waiting on the doctor.  I gave up on vine and began watching Family Feud on Youtube.  We were crying laughing at Steve Harvey.  If you need a good laugh, turn on Family Feud.  The things people say are funny enough but his reaction to what they say is priceless.  Again, laughing so hard our sides hurt.

Doctor comes in, looks at Miss Anal Retentive’s chart of pain she has been keeping for the past month and says surgery is our best option now.  It will be exploratory with three possible outcomes: 1: infection; 2. Spine not completely fused and some hardware taken out and new put in. 2.  All hardware taken out and end of story. No 3 is our preferred option, so pray for that outcome please.

Back to laughter.  We are not two minutes out the door when Maitland has us in tears laughing about one of her stories.  She is a great story teller.  I think we are punch drunk at this time because of what we know lays ahead for our little girl: a fifth surgery.  Laughter is the best medicine.  At some point you have to laugh at your situation.  After Mait’s first surgery, we videotaped her replay of what happened in the recovery room.  Remember, she was full of morphine and anaesthesia.  Her face was swollen for laying on her stomach for over 4 hours, her voice was squeaky and she was talking absolute hilarious nonsense.  We still have the video and we will archive it until her wedding:)

At lunch we laughed and laughed.  My daughter Elizabeth loves Zoe’s chocolate cake.  We had lunch there and Mait was so hungry she was eating her cake before our lunch arrived.  We came to the conclusion that we had to hide the evidence of ever going to Zoe’s because Elizabeth would be furious we did not bring her home a piece of cake.  I mean FURIOUS!  I have already mentioned her temper.

It was raining and cold and we were sopping wet.  Kenny Hartley had posted earlier about not having an umbrella in his car.  We have NO umbrellas because Dean and Elizabeth have destroyed every umbrella we have.  Now, Elizabeth  does not share her things but is a threat to barge in your room and take what she needs:)  This is a constant source of contention.  Elizabeth is now the proud owner of the only umbrella in the Null household and she has hidden it.  She received it as a party favor at a Bar Mitzvah.  She will not tell us where it is nor will she let us use it.

Again, at someone else’s expense, we found this gut wrenching hilarious.  You just cannot stop this kind of laughter once it starts and it is very cathartic.  You know that at any moment you will cry if you stop laughing and you don’t want to break down in front of your daughter who is the one who has to go under the knife.

I hope you can laugh today and everyday.  Unfortunately it may be at he expense of someone else, but they never need to know:)

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