Birthdays and Such

Happy Birthday to me!!!! It was a good morning. I didn’t see roots and I got breakfast in bed. Then I got to sleep another hour and a half. I woke up to Armageddon in the kitchen and many baskets of clothes to fold. Now, this is my own fault because I am a procrastinator. Also, I forgot to buy dishwasher detergent on my last two trips to the grocery store. Oh well.
I would like to thank Perry Shuttlesworth for this awesome new computer. It is a Mac. Happy Birthday to me.
Now, I am 47. What kind of number is that? Now 50 is good. I look forward to turning 50. I loved 40 and 45. It is those numbers between 35 and 40 and 45 to 50 that stump me. They are so boring.
After yesterday’s post I got a call from the powers that be. They were a little upset that I was not exactly factual. Yes, they are not using that film. But they are taking steps. Their argument is it is not up to the schools to raise their children. I agree. It is our job to teach them right and wrong. But when they get to school, the educators see them more than we do. Their coaches see them more. By the time we see our kids it is bed time for us parents and study time for the kids. The counselors are trained to look for these signs. Unfortunately, we have three counselors for 1,000 students. Many of these kids will slip through the cracks.
Sue Wygul Martin, who attempted suicide and survived, is a big advocate for education. She wants us to think about those kids who attempt but aren’t successful but no one knows about them.
Educating the public and the kids about depression is vital in this community. Teaching both parents and kids what to look for might just save a few lives. The Jr High has a special period set aside every week for education like this. They are getting bombarded with bullying and drugs and alcohol speeches. The kids are tuning these people out now. They have not had one speaker on depression.
Depression is hard to talk about. We have got to get it out in the open. We need to open this community’s eyes. They need to hear from real people who battle this disease. They need to understand what goes through their minds. The synapses in our brains don’t work right. Our thought processes are skewed.
These kids need someone to come talk to them who has gone through what they are. They need to be told they are not alone by someone who felt alone like me. I wish to God someone had come to our classrooms and talked openly about it. Maybe I would not have felt so alone and crazy.
These alcohol and drug sessions are important. These kids are using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Depression and Alcohol go hand in hand. Ask anyone in AA. These conversations need to go hand in hand.
I urge you once again to talk to the school board and principals and ask them to get real people in front of these children. It is like having a wrecked car in front of the school for texting/drinking and driving.
Again, get these kids involved with a walk or a street party. Let them take ownership and save the life of their friends.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I am about to eat hamburgers, cake and ice cream and go to another baseball game.

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