Just like any illness, their is remission and recovery from depression and bipolar disorder. If you follow your doctor’s orders, and work hard, you can live a beautiful life.
People who battle severe clinical depression/ bipolar disorder see the world in a whole different light. I am going to try my best to describe what I see. It is a beautiful sight.
I feel things stronger. When I hurt for someone, I can almost feel the pain. When something good happens, you want to shout from the mountain tops, your heart feels like it could burst. You are probably saying to yourself you feel that way as well. Multiply that by 10. But you cannot quite express these in words so they stay built up inside you and it can bring you down. Learning to express these emotions in some way can help. I write, others paint, etc.
I see God’s creations and want to cry they are so beautiful. I remember going to the country hospital where my father moonlighted and peeking into the nursery. There were all these cone headed babies and I thought it was the most incredible sight I have ever seen. It is why I cry when I go to church. I just “feel” so much stronger than others. Sights and sounds can overwhelm me.
If you can relate, then you are not alone. I know that some of you are saying “yes, that is so right!”. Instead of being mired by the feelings that overwhelm you, think of them as a gift from God. He picked you out as someone who could understand humanity at it’s fullest. He picked you out as one who appreciates the beauty of this world to an extent that can be beyond words. He also gave you the gift to express it. Maybe you have not found that outlet yet. Keep trying.
As with any disease, God gives you a silver lining. If you battle like I do, get on your knees and thank God for the gift of seeing the world in a different light. Ask Him to show you how to express the feelings that overwhelm you and bring you down. God gave you this gift but if you don’t take care of it, it can be a curse. There is a cure and you can go into remission. Take the sense that God gave you and fight for yourself.
I hope I have made sense. I hope you can understand a little better what goes through the mind of someone you love. Be patient and listen as they try to explain the beauty and pain they see and feel on a different level. Don’t try and fix them, just be a sounding board. Pray. Pray for them and pray for yourself to be strong to handle the ups and downs.
We are a special breed. We have to fight hard like anyone who is battling a demon. But the reward is a beautiful life filled with God’s beauty, daffodils and an unopened jar of peanut butter:)

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