Color Color Everywhere!!!

I love Spring for three reasons. First, the sun is brighter and it stays out longer. Second, the temperatures are perfect. Three, color is everywhere.
When depression is at its worst, the only colors I see are black and grey. Everything is so dull. My senses, my emotions, and even my eyes only sees the darkest colors. Winters can be especially hard for those who battle depression. I tend to wear a lot of brown and grey during this time. They call it SAD: Seasonal Affect Disorder. It makes sense right? I bet most of you can relate. It is a very dark time.
Spring feels like coming out of a dark time. I love color. I wear a lot of pink. I have a pink wallet, pink in my skirts and of course pink exercise clothes!! Besides, “it’s one of my coluhs” as my mother would say:). Everything is bright and colorful. The brighter sun gives you the much needed vitamin D. People are friendlier. They smile more which makes you smile more. The weather is usually in the mid 70’s which is absolutely perfect to me. July and August are impossible. The heat and humidity are stifling and the pools feel like bath water. I tend to get a little down at that time as well.
If you are battling a dark time right now, try to take even a short walk around the block or just sit outside and let the sun shine on your face for a few minutes. Take advantage of all the color in the beautiful yards in this area. Buy something bright. Thank God for giving us this beautiful season. Honor him by enjoying the beauty.
I hope this helps explain depression a little bit more. It is a simple description, but the simpler the better sometimes, right?
I would like to apologize for something I wrote yesterday but did not have the full story. I still do not know the full story but I apologize just as well.
Enjoy this beautiful day and hug a friend or loved one:)
My pictures are on my old computer and I am having a hard time transferring them so I don’t have a good picture for today:)

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