When I think I am the worst mom in the whole world……


My Inspiration Through Life
Everyone in life will always have one person they look up to. My mom is a huge role model in mine. Her name is Louise Wilson Null but, we call her lulu for short. She is a stay at home mom but, that isn’t all she does. My mom loves to read. One time she read 160 books from Christmas time to March. Also, she loves to exercise. She runs, walks, does yoga, and sometimes a spin class. I will always look up to my mother. She is always reliable, honest, kind, and she helps and supports me in whatever I do, like dance.
Some people say I look like my mom. I can understand that but, we have two totally different personalities. My mom is very small, pretty, smart, and outgoing. She has these big beautiful round hazel eyes, a smile to light up the world, and she has short curly brown hair. Lulu will always be petite and muscular since she comes from a family that isn’t very tall. Most moms have a very fashionable and instyle wardrobe. Well, my mom isn’t like that. Yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt is my moms everyday clothing. It may not be all fancy and in style, but that’s just my mom. I may look like my mom, I might not act like her or dress like her but, she is still and perfect inspiration to me.

You always know that one person who has such a kind heart well that’s my mom. She is so helpful when I get sick and, I am very appreciative of that. Whenever I am stuck on homework she is always there to help me especially when I don’t understand. When I had a bad day at school or trouble with friends she is always someone I can talk to, and very kind hearted. I love my mom and I don’t know what I would do without her helpfulness, her smart brain, and her kind heart.
Last year was not the best year for me or my family. I had sculiosis surgery July 14, 2011. After that around August or September I got really sick. I really needed someone at that time and it was my mom. She was always there to boost my confidence up. That was really helpful because I had a hard time doing that myself last year. My mom was so helpful with school work, carrying things for me, and when I needed advice on something. I couldn’t have gone through any of this without my mom. I am so thankful to have her.
I am so blessed to have a mom like I do. She is so helpful, kind and smart. I really admire her helpfulness and her support. Like in school and dance, it really helps to have someone there. I hope to pass on her helpfulness and kindness to others everyday like she does. I don’t know what I would do without my mom. I might take her for granted but there is so much more to her than just taking care of me and my sibiings.







One thought on “When I think I am the worst mom in the whole world……

  1. Tears rolling down my face. It’s so nice to be appreciated by your kid and she’s right; I remember you so well from our CBS days in Fairhope and you are the best, a gift from God for a friend, so funny and cute. I read you blogs and am amazed because I always have admired you tremendously. It always seemed to me that you just keep on trucking. I always enjoyed watching you interact with your kids. You are a terrific mom and a special person.


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