Depression: The New Cancer

0119040-R1-034-15AToday has been a roller coaster ride for me.  I try to get up at least 30 minutes before the kids do but that didn’t work today.  Instead one of my surly teenagers came to my side of the bed and said “get up!”.  Needless to say I leapt out of bed and dashed to get the waffle mix so they can make their waffles.  Why don’t I just get Eggo waffles instead you ask.  Because they get freezer burn and get soggy when you toast them that way.  This is easier.  I make the batter and the rest is up to them.  If they don’t like it they can find something else to eat!!

A friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer as many of you know.  She is an incredible person and has a million friends.  I hurt for her because I know she is going through a rough time.  I keep asking myself what I can do for her and I come up nil.  She has food coming to her for months so that is a bust.  I am afraid to go see her because I might get her sick and she probably won’t feel like idle chit chat anyway.  So I offer my home to her daughter whom I love as if she were my own.  She is good friends with my son and I see her cuddled up on our sofa wrapped in a blanket.  I can offer her solace and a safe place to land in this turmoil that is now her life.

The Pants Store where she works is having a fund raiser for her this Thursday.  I am so for that.  I am so glad to see everyone rally behind this to help her and her family.  They were able to put it together so quickly.  I know they will have a huge turnout and I think that is wonderful.

But I am sad.  I am sad because those of us who suffer and are battling to keep our heads above water do so silently.  We get so down that we can barely get out of bed.  But no one sees us as sick.  We have to get up and make pancakes and clean the house and do laundry because that is expected of us even though we are sick.  We don’t get meals scheduled for us months on end.  We don’t get fundraisers either.  I am not discounting what we as a community are doing for our friend.  I am just asking you to think about what you can do for those that suffer in silence.

Sue Wygul Martin, a suicide attempt survivor is speaking Thursday night as well.  She speaks at 6.  She is blind due to her attempt and has a beautiful story to tell.  I challenge you to share your support for our friend and AWARE.  Go to the Pants Store at 5, drop your children off, come here Sue speak at 6 and return to Crestline by 7.  Support your friends who suffer in silence as well as those who are able to suffer publicly.  Depression is just as much a cancer.  It is a disease.  It can turn into death just as much as cancer.

Please share your support.  We are doing this for you and for your children. Your child may be suffering and you don’t know it because you don’t recognize the signs.  Your husband may be suffering because business is not going as well as he wants and he is mortgaged to the hilt and has no money to support you anymore and feels that you would be better off without him.  You may be suffering but are ashamed.  You wish that you could have a physical ailment so that you could have an excuse to stay in bed for a day or two.  I find myself hoping to get the flu or strep or worse just so I can  stay in bed for a couple of days and regroup and have someone take care of me and the children.  But we aren’t there yet.

We want a fundraiser.  Will you show your support?  You friend is suffering.  Have you taken them dinner?  How about cleaning their house for them or doing there laundry that is piling up because the thought of folding clothes or even transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer is just too overwhelming.  We need your attention.  We are sick.  It is a disease.  Medicine can only do so much then it is up to us to “fake it ’til we make it”.Please take an hour to come hear Sue speak Thursday night.  You won’t regret it.  Do it for yourself, your family and your friends.  Maybe you will save a life for your efforts.

I hope to see you at Park Lane and at The Pants Store.  I will sure be at both.

Oh, and our efforts are not in vain.  I was asked today if I wanted to speak to the volunteers of The Crisis Center and share my story.  One of the people on the board read my blog and contacted me.  The silver lining to the cloud that has hovered  above my head all day:)  I am also being contacted by a college student who is doing a paper on depression.  She has been reading my blog and wants to interview me for her paper.  I am spreading my gift to you….

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