Over the past three days I have observed some astounding things.  It Takes a Village.  Not one person could have pulled off the fundraiser for Chappell.  It was a true community effort.  I am so proud of our community for pulling the fundraiser off so quickly and so profoundly.  I understand a great deal of money was raised Thursday night.  I know Chappell and her family are in awe of this community’s generosity.

AWARE’s Town Talk did not draw a big crowd.  I was sad but I think if we helped at least one person that night then our efforts were not in vain.  I met some incredible people that night.  The Executive Director and one board member of The Crisis Center came to hear Sue speak.  They came because they had learned about AWARE from my blog.  To me this is huge.  They want to work with us to bring the stigma out of depression and to prevent more suicides in our community.  I am honored that they applaud our efforts and want to support us.  It Takes a Village.

The stigma of depression is not going to go away over night.  If the number of messages I get in a day from people who suffer in silence is anything to go by, we have  a long way to go.  I am proud to be your voice.  I am happy to help you in any way I can.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Today I had the honor to help with the flowers at St Mary’s for Easter.  My mother used to be on the Flower Guild and I felt her presence as Ginger and I were working on the Columbarium wreath.  Big word huh??  I have never worked behind the scenes at the church before.  It Takes a Village.

Tomorrow is Easter.  It promises to be a beautiful day.  God has washed away the ugliness of Jesus’s crucifixion with the bitter weather this past week.  He has blessed us with the new growth of flowers and the lush green of the trees.  As you worship with your friends and family this weekend, remember It Takes a Village.  God put us here together on this earth so that we may work together in love and harmony to better the lives of ourselves and others.

Happy Easter.  God bless you.


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