‘Defined by our mental chillness’

This guy describes bipolar disorder very well. I have not seen Black Box and will not watch it now that I have read this.

What happens now?

This week’s essay is by Paolo Sambrano, a Bay Area writer and performer who created a one-man show about death and mental illness. “Despite the really dark material, it’s really upbeat,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

This essay, a riff on a new television show that turns personal, first aired on Slow News Day last week. Being so tied to current events, it jumped the queue ahead of a striking number of guest posts still waiting to be published. The risks of posting just once a week … As usual, we’re tweeting more news and stories daily at @AboutSuicide.

I only watched the pilot of ABC’s drama Black Box when forming my opinions below. But frankly, I’d rather be behind on “The Americans” than be caught up on “Black Box.”

The pilot to “Black Box” feels like if the producers of Spiderman 3 tried to adapt the…

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