She snapped one day
The tragedy hit her hard
She knew something had to change
She had to do something

On impulse she bared her soul
Consequences be damned
Maybe one person would be helped
Maybe God could put her to use

The floodgates opened
Thoughts fighting to get out of her head
and onto paper…
God was putting her to use

She was stupefied by the responses
So many hurting people
Grateful to have someone understand
God was putting her to use

But her own disease
Reared it’s ugly impulsive head
She forgot 5 important reasons
To reign in her impassioned editorials

How can she tell others
“It starts at home”
When she ignored the pain under
Her own roof?

Was God putting her to use?
By nature of her disease
She pushed send
Not thinking about the fallout

God is putting her to use
Her desire to reduce the stigma
Still reigns strong
Reaching out to those who suffer

But her direction will change
Aspiring to nurture her family
To a strong core
Ensuring their emotional health

Her stories will change
The lighter side of life
Will reign
God is putting her to use.

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