God’s Little Gifts


The closing shift at AO can be an interesting at times. A few of my co-workers have been there since 9 or 10 that morning and are ready to leave. We usually begin to do the closing jobs around 6:30 and we close at 7.
Last night was and even more interesting one. It was 6:59 and three people decided that they had to shop at AO. The closing manager was actually about to lock the doors. He was standing at the door with the keys in his hands.
One man walked in looking like he was on a mission. At one point he walked into the shoe department so I followed him to see if he wanted to try on some shoes. He asked about the price of some shoes but didn’t ask to try them on but sat on the bench and reached in his pocket and handed me a rock. He said here, take this rock. I got it when I graduated from Architecture school at Auburn. I looked down at the rock and it had a “G” on it and 2014 written on it. Okay, this guy was a pretty old guy. He could easily been in his mid ’60s. He looked like he had spent MANY years following Jimmy Buffet around the country. His graduating in 2014? Very interesting. I couldn’t just brush this guy off. He was a customer and he was very interesting. Plus he could have been and undercover customer sent by the owner to make sure we treat every customer with the same respect whether they spend five hundred dollars or nothing. That wasn’t the reason I was nice to him. I generally thought he was a neat guy.
He got a phone call so I walked away finishing some of the cleaning and dusting I was doing. Well Rock Guy walked up to me again and asked my name and told me his. He then told me about a dot com in which I should invest. Again, interesting. He eventually left and I told my boss about my rock. We laughed about what the G meant on it. We said it could be a lucky charm and laughed about winning the lottery or other good changes in my life. Then he said he is a praying man and maybe God had “sent” this man and the rock. The more we talked about it the more we decided that possibility held some merit.
I haven’t had any drastic changes in my life yet. I have drifted away from prayer and reading my Bible lately. The past week I have started turning back to God and reading the Bible to help guide me in the direction God wanted. I can’t help think that God sent this man to me to say “hey Lulu, I am listening to you”. This could be one of God’s little gifts that tells me I am going in the right direction.
I am going to change the subject now but last night we had an AO gathering at Red Mt Park. We all did the ropes course and they fed us pizza. It was a lot o fun to see my new friends in a casual setting. I highly recommend taking your family to do the ropes course together. I cannot wait to take my kids and Dennis to do it as soon as Mait is cleared to do it. The staff was top notch. I was very impressed with the caliber of young men who helped us through some parts of the course and the management staff as well.
I hope all of you have a good rest of the weekend and that God sends you each a little gift.

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