National Suicide Prevention Day

Today is a day to revere.  It is looked over by many but everyone is affected by this day.  Everyone of you is related somehow to someone who took their life or attempted to.

As a suicide attempt survivor I look on this day as one more day I am alive to celebrate my life and those lives of the people I love.  I get to spend one more day with those who mean the most to me.  And I didn’t always feel this way.

Last night Harry Miree spoke at Crestline Field.  If you missed him I am sorry.  I know this is a busy time of year with children’s activities taking over every night of the week these days.  But, if you were there you were blessed.

Harry said something that struck home with me.  Before his attempt, he looked at life as if anything he tried to do, he would rather be dead than fail.  Now, he looks at life as if trying and failing is a whole lot better than being six feet under.  There is a sort of pre suicide and post suicide attempt look on life.  Maybe it is with anyone who looks death in the face and survives.  You get a do over and you will work to make your goals without the feel of failure.

I have some hurdles to jump over soon.  Big, scary ones and Harry reminded me to go at it no holds barred even if I stumble and fall.  I can get right back up and make the next hurdle and ultimately win the game.  I don’t have to come in first, I just have to stay in the race.  That is half the battle right?  Thank you Harry.

I am almost at full recovery from my surgery but it is still hard to type so this one is short and sweet.

If you know someone who is hurting, hug them tight through the scary black parts.  They don’t want to hear platitudes, they just want someone to stay beside them even when they say they want to be alone.

P.S.  Hugs your children and tell them you will always love them and be there for them.  To those who suffer at a young age, that is HUGEphoto-6

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