Mother Love


This was my devotional at the prayer group for mothers of football players Friday morning. I thought I would share with all the mothers:)

“Children are a gift from the Lord” Psam 127:3-5.
Philoteknos is Greek for loving ones’ children, especially mothers. According to Titus 2:4, As mothers we are called by God to love our children Titus 2:4. It is a strong call. God doesn’t request things lightly.
I am a mother of four and far from perfect. I am an even less perfect mother when it comes to raising teenagers. I am out of my element. I have tried to read “how to” books on it but I just end up wanting to throw them out the window when the first tough situation comes up with my own children. When they were toddlers I was the master mom. They were dressed well, their manner impeccable to me and others. I had a tight reign and they seldom dared to escape my tutelage.

The teenage years have the terrible twos beat by fathoms. Your limits are tested daily and by much stronger willed minds. They are testing their wings of independence and it is hard to let go. It is hard to let go and let God when it comes to raising children at this age.

But I am reminded that God demands us to love them; even when they mess up. I think we all know from experience that they mess up. They are testing their wings and make mistakes but all we can do is love them and lead them into a different direction so that they learn from their mistakes and approach the next iffy situation with a little more experience under their belt and hopefully make a better decision. And an even better understanding of God’s love.

Sometimes I don’t like my children. I will be honest. But I will always love them. Maternal love is a scary thing because you love them so much your heart hurts. You want to take all their pains away and catch them every time they fall. Unless we lock them in their rooms 24/7 that isn’t going to happen. But we can be there for them when they fall. We can be the shoulder they cry on. We can be their rock of Gilbralter and we can be their North when they are trying to find their way back home. They will always find their way back home as long as we do what God asks us to and love them.

Dear Lord,
Because we sit here today as a group we are showing our boys and each other that we love them. You gave us these boys as gifts and our spiritual gift is to love them unconditionally. Thank you for these gifts and guide us as we show these boys who are turning in to men the right path.

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