Let Go, Let God

M and D
Someone asked me today if I was still writing. I told him I have had writer’s block. That is one reason but I am not going to share the other.
I hope everyone is well. I am better. I hit a rough patch but I am crawling out of the hole.
Part of my problem is that I am a control freak. I remind myself to let go of those things which I have not control. Easier said than done:)
If you are a control freak like me, you know what I am talking about. Everything needs to be just so according to your plan. You hand on to that leash as hard as possible only to lose it and the dog gets away anyway. I think God does this on purpose. Things fall apart the harder you attempt to take things into your own hand.
I was reminded of that strongly yesterday. My son doesn’t want to play baseball this year. He has been playing the game since Kindergarten but he says it is just too slow for him. He was pretty good at the sport too. He decided he wanted to play Lacrosse instead. AS I begin to register, I look at the price. With four kids and one on his way to college, it was just not in our budget. He was dissapointed. I hate saying no to my children but sometimes it has to be done. We did have an alternate plan and so we let go of the situation and looked forward to this new plan.
Well I got a call yesterday from a woman in charge of registration and she wanted to know if Dean was going to play. I told her our situation and she offered us a scholarship. God is good. Now Dean gets to try a new sport and follow a new path.
The rest of my day went downhill because I had no control of the situation. I was miserable. I totally forgot the miracle that happened just that morning all because I let got of a situation of which I had not control. Funny how we forget that God has his hand in everything we do. He holds the leash and all is in order. We just follow him and the outcome is good. It may not be the way we want it, but it is the right thing.
I am not an expert on this topic. I stink at letting go and letting God. This is just the right thing to do. Right now I rarely follow it. I am working on it though. One step at a time. All is good.
I hope each of you takes a minute to let go. That is the best I can do.
Talk soon,

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