Let’s Not Forget

photo-5An old friend of mine called this week.  Her teenage daughter attempted suicide.  I am heartbroken for both parent and child.  No parent should have to go through this.  So much anger, regret, guilt and shame surround situations like these.

The child shouldn’t either.  But as my friend said, you see the signs coming but the train wreck is going to occur anyway.  She tried so hard to get through to her daughter.  She tried treatment centers, special therapy.  No one could get through to her.  It took an act of desperation, a call for help, to set the wheels in motion.

How does it get that far even when the parent is aware the child is suffering?  What can we do?  I don’t have a lot of answers.

I do have one though.  Let those of us who have been through the ordeal get in front of the kids and let them know we understand what is going through that depressed brain of theirs.  Studies are showing this is one of the only ways to get through to someone who is in such a deep dark place.  For those of you who are a part of All In, please appeal to the board to let someone who battles depression get in front of these students and let them know he/she understands.

It’s the holidays.  Everyone is supposed to be happy and cheery.  Remember those who are suffering silently.  They may be the person standing next to you at a party.

Merry Christmas


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