Pay it Forward


Sid died today.  Wonderful, beautiful Sid.  I didn’t know him.  I knew his older brother through team sports.  That is where I got to know Lynn and Scott, casually.  We talked through a few games; nothing heavy just normal “get to know you” chit chat.  I was amazed that she was raising 5 children, 2 of them being beautiful toe head blonds from Russian.  Not much else to say.

But we all learned so much from her as she penned her journey with Sid.  I know by first account  how writing battles depression.  I think it was easier for her to write to an audience than to her self.  She needed to know that her friends completely understand what she was facing.

Cancer is a scary disease.  My mother died from cancer.  When she was diagnosed she said under no uncertain terms will she battle this disease with chemo.    She didn’t want to be filled with chemo, feeling horrible 24/7  only to be told she was going to die anyway.  She did fight for a year and produced some of the prettiest roses ever.

I always thought how I felt after seeing my mother’s fight.  I cannot say that now.  Sid, you touched me kid.  Your subtle rumble with the big C let me know that I can’t give up.  You are an angel to many of us even when your still alive.

I have been suffering so in the past 8 weeks.  I think about Sid and know he had been battling as well.  We are kindred spirits.  Every illness we  battle some one is  too.

Do you remember that movie “Pay it Forward”?  This is what Sid did to all of us.  He showed us how to be strong in the midst hell.  He prayed, He believed.  He knew The Big Guy would take care of him dead or alive.

I receive this rock about this time a year ago from a customer shopping.  He sat down on one of our benches and just talked.  It was nothing earthshattering, however there were hints of greatness.

I have this rock on a doilie.  I have been looking at it a wonder what it’s purpose is.  It came to me that Lynn may need a prayer rock.  That is what I have used.  I tried to take it yesterday but only the family was there.  So I’ll keep trying.

Sid I know you are so at peace.  I promise we will pray over your family from here.

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