From the Mountains to the Valleys

Almost every year my family ends up going to Boone and Blowing Rock, NC.  My brother lives there.  It is God’s country as far as I’m concerned.  Now I have never been out West in the Summer, so that thought could change.  Going to Boone is cheaper:  free place to stay:)

A friend of mine talked about a devotional he read the other day.  It was talking about how we should live during the Mountain Peak times in our lives and especially the Valleys.  Mountain Top experiences have always bugged me.  It is probably due to being Bipolar.  I live those highs and lows every day.

I think I’ve told you about the time my husband and I went to Outback in Mobile.  It was a true Mountain Top experience.  We came back feeling new and refreshed, ready to take the world by storm.  God was going to be the center of every day from now on.  My mother in law stayed with the kids that weekend.  The kids were busy and had a lot of places to go.  It was hard to get much done around the house like she likes to do when she stays with them and helps us when we leave town.  The kids always came back from her house with a suitcase full of clean clothes!!!

Anyway, we got home Sunday evening and the kitchen looked like Hurricane Katrina hit.  I wanted to cry.  Then she told me she did all my laundry but I might have to do some folding.  6 laundry baskets of clean clothes I had to fold Monday morning.  I tumbled right off that mountain.  I blamed her.  That was wrong.  She had done exactly what she was asked to do:  look after our children.  They were safe, fed and had a great time.  They are 100 percent the center of her world when she is with them; even when they are not.  Both of my parents were gone.  She made up for all of them.

Back to the peaks and valleys.  The peak of the mountain is rocky and craggy and sometimes cold and snowy.  When you are at that mountain top, you have reached to mecca of spiritual growth for that particular time in your life.  This is it! you tell yourself.  I have done it!!!

But you fall.  You fall when least expected; and you fall often.  It can be a very long way down.  However, you land on soft fertile ground, surrounded by trees and streams.  This is where you gain your sustenance to climb back up that mountain.  God doesn’t want you to stay at that peak once you have reached it.  He wants you to grow more, do more, give more.  He knows our potential is endless.

While we are in that valley, we must learn about God and Jesus.  We must learn what they did to enrich their own lives and others: usually they enriched their own lives by helping others grow.  Isn’t that why the disciples were chosen?  Their lives had peaks and valleys as well.  But they turned to God and persevered.  As low and lowly you feel when you fall, put away your pride and learn from the teachings of Jesus.  They are right there in the Bible.  It shares the stories which help us grow.  It is probably the coolest book you could have.

When you do reach the peak, remember what it took to get there.  Remember you did not get there alone.  Praise Him for getting you there.  And above all, praise Him when you’re in the valley learning from Him.



One thought on “From the Mountains to the Valleys

  1. Lulu, it a gift to learn to praise God when in the valleys. It is much easier to moan and blame God for being there. I have learned to praise Him all the time, trying to follow Paul’s example, but I have to relearn it from time to time. I know that Jesus is with me, holding my hand, no matter where I am and I know He’s with you, sweet friend.


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