A Piece of My Heart



Well she is in.  As you can see, her room is a work in progress.  When  you are given a month to plan a change in colleges, dorm “decorations” come in pieces.  I am not opposed to that.  Your experiences from your first night at college to your second night will be ultimately different.  The blank bulletin board  by tomorrow with have friends from high school, later in the week with new friends and, God willing, new ones from a sorority.

College life is about evolving.  This sounds cliche, but it is about learning exactly who you are.  Maitland’s life up until now has been more challenging than others and even less challenging than a great deal of people.  These life experiences have made her into the fearless, God loving girl she is to date.   Jesus took hold of her life a few months ago and has already taken those challenges and turned them into good stuff.  She is ready for this new venture.  I am not sure her daddy and I are, though.  It took some clever comedians to dry the tears and return the laughs by the time we got onto Caldwell Mill Rd.

I tend to compartmentalize my emotions in my heart.  I do the same with my children.  Each child is different, each child holds a different shape in my heart.  Over time, those shapes change.  Sometimes they change sizes according to who needs my undivided attention at that particular phase in his or her life, in mine as well.

Now, I am truly not an expert, but when a child leaves the nest, I imagine the hole in my heart longs for that shape to be filled full again immediately.  That lonely space is a void which no one can fill but that child.  It resembles grief.  That person is no longer there at a moments notice physically.  Spiritually they still consume the house and you expect to turn a corner and they will be standing there like nothing ever happened.  Alas, that is not the case, and you must fill that void with memories until the next time they are around to fill a part of the void with their new experiences,  yet still holding old to the old self.  An old self will always have a chunk of that hole in your heart.

Maitland is an hilarious story teller.  She can mimic just about anyone.  I look forward to her tales of her new adventures.

Blessings Mator….





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