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The Mental State of Covid

It has been a rough 6 months....the longest strand of snow days ever!!!! At first it is fun; playing games with your family members, trying new recipes, going outside more often. Did you see the empty racks of bicycles at Walmart? I loved going to the parks and seeing families hang out together, getting fresh… Continue reading The Mental State of Covid

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Mood Disorders, Chemical Imbalance, and the Workplace

I work at a Landscape Supply/ Nursery. Many of you know that. Spring Time is our "Christmas". Sod orders explode, 18 wheeler plant loads come in every day. "Chaos" is a mild word to describe our day. Stress is compounded due to the overload of customers, the lack of enough employees, and usually the weather.… Continue reading Mood Disorders, Chemical Imbalance, and the Workplace

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So…Need some help?

The mental health system is a mess. Yes, we are working hard to reduce the stigma of mental health, but are we offering solutions and insight on how to get the help you need? I have not found many published solutions. Psychiatrists numbers are low. It can take weeks, even months to get into see… Continue reading So…Need some help?